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Double Decker Tent - Superb Tent Supplier | SCA

Double Decker Tent - Superb Tent Supplier | SCA

Double Decker Tent is also called Two-Story Tent, and it is two stories clear span structure. The structure can be steel or aluminum, but all components can be set up by the bolts and screws, or the components dovetail on each other through ingenious designs.

It is independent and it doesn't require exterior guy ropes or staking. Double Decker Tent is the dramatic breakthrough of the conventional tent because a clear span double-decker tent enables the division of multi-function of the interior space and improves space utilization.


Advantage Of Double Decker Tent Solution

● The double-decker tent offers double activity space within the same land area and allows 200% usage of the ground.

● The first floor adopts the standard A shape, Arcum shape, or Cube flat roof. By making maximum use of a venue, a double-decker tent allows for a very high-profile look, better site lines to view large events. T which creates a better viewing space. Also, you can obtain a more wide view of the second floor.

● Double-decker tent becomes more and more common in our daily life because of it is relocatable, easy to install, dismantle and transport.

● No maintenance is required.

● Modular character for diverse combination and expansion.

clear span Double Decker Tent (DDT)

Parameter Of Double Decker Tent:

GM10-25m/6.6m-5m-DD 10-25m 6.6m 5m 18° 300×120×5.5/7.5mm(4-channel) 102km/h
GM10-25m/6.6m-5m-ADD 10-25m 6.6m 5m 18° 300×120×5.5/7.5mm(4-channel) 102km/h

Accessories are available:

transparent roof covers and wall, balcony, rails, decoration lining, stairs, glass walls, glass doors, flooring system, anchors.

Frames available:

 Frame can be A-frame, dome shape, curved, or polygon style. The walls can be PVC fabric, with windows or without windows, glass walls, steel panels, white ABS walls, or sandwich walls.  


1. It is an ideal place to hold sports events, festival celebrations, conferences such as concerts, soccer, equestrian, racing, or any other type of event. The double-decker or triple-decker tent design can offer better spaces for live recording.

2. It can be an optional temporary structure for outdoor business events, sports events because it is relocatable, easy to install, dismantle and transport. Thus, it can be used to set as a temporary restaurant, VIP rooms, etc.

3. The rational functional partition will improve space utilization. The first floor can be an open show hall and the second floor is suitable for private reception or parlor. You can also add a conference room or restaurant according to your special need.

4. It is an excellent place to hold the brand exhibitions, you can print advertising by the exterior of double-decker tents for the effect of publicity.


SCA structure is specialized in aluminum relocatable structures, and we are committed to manufacturing safe, versatile, efficient tents, such as clear span single-decker tents, double-decker tents, three-layer tents, etc. 

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