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How is the aluminum party tent fixed on the ground

How is the aluminum party tent fixed on the ground

Generally speaking, the ground nail is one of the very important accessories of the aluminum party tent, which is mainly used to fix the tent, but it has a very important role, that is, it can pull a few corners of the external account and then fix it on the ground so that the internal Separate accounts and external accounts. At this time, under the joint action of the account pole and the ground nail, the external account will form an independent dome, and will not directly contact the internal account.

How to fix the aluminum party tent on the ground, we must first prop up the tent and build it. Then use rope to tie the corner of the tent well. At this time, pay attention to the length of the rope needs to be long enough, otherwise there will be problems in the next use
aluminum party tent
Then the tied rope will be tied to a heavy object, such as stone. Thus, the tent is fixed by stretching the heavy objects. How to build an A-shaped tent:

Open the tent bag, take out the aluminum party tent, flatten it, take out all the supplies, insert the two main columns vertically into the soil, and lay the floor mat in the tent so that the four corners formed by the main column are fixed in parallel on the ground, this step relatively easy. Then lay the tent wall flat on the main column and nail it to the ground. The windproof rope fixes the tent wall and is also fixed on the ground.

How to build a pyramid tent:

If it is a pyramid, it is necessary to connect the pillars of the tent and then fix it on the four corners. Put the wall firmly on the pillar and insert it into the casing holes at both ends. If the tent is multi-pillar, the other pillars need to be sleeved in the same way. Tilt the pillar at 45 to 60 degrees
Insert the corner into the ground to fix it. Carefully check each set of holes in the account to ensure that each set of holes has a corresponding connection point. At the end, it is necessary to tighten the windproof rope outside the tent and fasten it with nails. Some tents are double-layered. After construction, there should be enough space between the two walls to maintain air circulation.

If it is a triangular tent construction method, then you need to lay the tent flat on the ground, then nail it firmly, connect the pillars, and wear it in the sleeve hole on the inner tent. If there are mosquito nets, the sleeve holes of the mosquito nets should also be worn on the pillars, and the other sleeve holes should be worn according to the position indicated in the instructions. Follow the instructions to tie the two pillars together. Put the wall on the pillar, pay attention to the zipper outside. Some tents are equipped with rain jackets, which are installed outside the walls. Finally, nail and windproof rope firmly.

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