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How is the canvas aluminium tent windproof?

How is the canvas aluminium tent windproof?

  How does the canvas aluminium tent start to be windproof? At present, the canvas aluminium tents on the market are all aerodynamic, and the shape of the canvas aluminium tent can generally be divided into a dome type and a channel type. Comparing the two, the dome-type inflatable tent is tall and spacious, while the channel-type inflatable tent is short and long and narrow.

  Establish canvas aluminium tent in the wind is actually very troublesome, so it is recommended to use natural barriers as much as possible, such as the leeward side of the mountain, the back of the boulder, etc. If you are in an ice or snow area, you need to consider digging a snow pit first, and then place the canvas aluminium tent in the snow pit, and use the excavated snow to build a snow wall on the windward side of the canvas aluminium tent. This is to prevent the floating inflatable tent from being blown away during the construction process, and it should be suppressed with huge objects such as boulders or backpacks.
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  Do not rush to achieve success when installing the canvas aluminium tent, the inflatable tent pole is likely to be damaged. Especially when it is cold, FRP is very brittle. Carry a 20 cm metal tube for use. Therefore, in order to prevent the bottom of the inflatable tent from being damaged, the branches and grass roots on the ground should be cleaned before the inflatable tent is built.

   When pulling the fixed rope, generally need to put a red cloth strip on it to remind others to pay attention, so as not to inadvertently mix together. Even if there is a good habit of nailing in the absence of wind, otherwise the empty canvas aluminium tent is easily blown away by the wind when there is wind. When the wind is strong, if you want an empty inflatable tent, lower the inflatable tent and press down on the weight to prevent the inflatable tent from being damaged by the wind. If the morning time permits, dry the inflatable tent after the sun comes out. The weight of the dry and wet inflatable tents will be very different.

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