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Sunshine quarantine restaurant room--Isolating the virus & Human’s protective umbrella

Sunshine quarantine restaurant room--Isolating the virus & Human’s protective umbrella

A sudden virus war has disrupted people's normal lives, and humans all over the world are facing a common devil-COVID-19. From Wuhan, China, in February to the present world, your area is a microcosm of the world. Most ordinary residents are restricted from going out at will. Self-isolation is undoubtedly the best way to protect yourself, and it is also the great contribution of your country. Fighting against COVID-19 is not only a fight in a region, but also a common responsibility of mankind all over the world.

In the current situation, most countries must take into account the economy and adhere to the isolation policy. It is necessary to properly open a variety of shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and other series of economically active venues, appropriately allow large and small enterprises to resume work, and gradually restore all sectors production to protect the most basic life needs of the people, and to take good security measures, such as wearing a mask when going out, washing hands frequently, and eating out to take protective measures, preferably at a distance of more than 1m, or enter a separate Dining in the room.

In response to these circumstances, our SCA STRUCTURE Company has launched kinds of isolation restaurant tent.

The First one: The Sunshine tent uses an aluminum alloy frame and 4mm transparent PC panels. The size can be customized according to your needs. The top roof and side walls are equipped with vent windows. The specific characteristics are as follows:
  1. Sunshine quarantine restaurant room designed with a simple and elegant, stylish and concise shape, can adapt to the overall style of most restaurants, and can also achieve a very effective quarantine.
  2. Sunshine quarantine restaurant room can be used indoors and outdoors without being restricted by the venue. If you are dining outdoors, not only effectively isolate viruses, but also isolate the tiny dust in the air, and it can avoid rain and water when the weather is not good.
  3. Sunshine quarantine restaurant room’s size available is: 1.9x1.3m, this size is for 2-3 people; 1.9x1.9m for 4-5 people; 3.1x3.1m for 8-10 people. In addition, if you have special requirements for the restaurant style, we can design and customize the size according to your needs.
  4. High quality interior shelving constructed with high strength aluminum frames is designed to ensure a clean floor plan and utmost in usability.

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