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There are three differences between double decker tents and ordinary metal support tents

There are three differences between double decker tents and ordinary metal support tents

Double decker tents are generally different from ordinary metal support tents in the following three points:

   First, the weight. Metal support tents generally use iron pipes as support, and the weight is relatively large, which inevitably brings trouble to transportation and movement. In particular, the larger the area of ​​the tent, the more supports the rigid beams need to use. As the area of ​​the tent increases, the load-bearing requirements of the tent will also increase, which will eventually increase the support weight. Therefore, iron pipes with larger wall thickness will also be used, and the weight of the tent will be greater.
double decker tents
   2. The double decker tents are usually fixed inflatable keels, which can be folded after being deflated, which is very convenient to carry. In addition, compared with metal tents with ordinary iron pipe support structure, the weight is significantly lighter, so transportation is relatively easy. Therefore, in the presence of iron pipe supports in the same tent volume, tents with metal support structures cannot be freely packed.

But generally because the length of the iron pipe bracket is usually longer, generally the vehicle with a smaller length is less able to adapt, so it must be transported with a larger vehicle. The double decker tents are soft inflatable keels, and the air column can be folded freely after deflation. This design allows the tent to fold freely after use, occupying only a small volume, and can be easily placed in small household vehicles and ordinary vehicles, with convenient transportation.

  Third, the installation and dismantling, the need to build a metal-supported tent, usually takes a relatively long time. The larger the tent, the more people are needed and the longer it takes. The advantages of inflatable tents are relatively speaking. It is very convenient to build double decker tents. You only need to lay the tent flat on the open ground and connect it with a foot pump or electric pump. It only takes two people and can be completed in a few minutes. The same is true when disassembling. There are also many people who need to remove and pack the metal brackets, which takes a relatively long time. When the inflatable tent is dismantled, it only needs to be deflated naturally, which is an advantage that ordinary metal-supported tents do not have in transportation.

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