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Car Canopy Tent: Redefining the Way You Storage Your Car

Car Canopy Tent: Redefining the Way You Storage Your Car

What Is a Canopy for a Car?

It may be easy to purchase a car, but it is difficult to protect it from all the hazards, and car canopy tent would be a safe spot to store your vehicle away from the. There are diverse external damages that can happen to your car when it is parked outdoor without any cover. A car canopy not only protects the car from dust and rain, but also safeguards it from other external damages. In this article, we will walk through elements you need to notice before you purchase the tent.
High Quality Car Exhibition Tent For Sale in China

Double Decker Tent is a two-story clear span structure. The first floor is available by using Standard A shape, Arcum shape, or Cube flat roof. It allows double activity space of the ground; you can get a wide and better view of the first level of the structure. It is a good choice for VIP restrooms, luxury car shows, movable office buildings, and golf sports events because of its fashionable, special, and luxury.

Parameter of car exhibition tent

GM10-25m/6.6m-5m-DD 10-25m 6.6m 5m 18° 300×120×5.5/7.5mm(4-channel) 102km/h
GM10-25m/6.6m-5m-ADD 10-25m 6.6m 5m 18° 300×120×5.5/7.5mm(4-channel) 102km/h

What is The Advantage Of a Car Tent?


● Canopy Tent For Cars Can Provide Shelter

There are numerous conditions that your car can be exposed to when it is not covered, such as wind, hot sunshine, acid rain, snow, bird dropping, etc. A reliable portable car garage can help to prevent these threats to your automobile.

● Car Canopy Tent Can Add more safety

You can choose lockable storage for your tent, and add more security, making it tougher for thieves to gain access. SCA not only cares to protect your car from damages but also focuses on safeguarding your asset from theft.

● Temporary Car Storage Tent Can Save money

Car insurance companies consider different factors when calculating premiums. In addition to driving history and vehicle type, the location where you store your car also has a great influence.

How Much Is a Carport Canopy?

A basic car tent with soft shells is around $1,000 to $2,000, and those with hard shells can cost $2,000 to $5,000.


Enjoy safer rides and prolong your car's look via SCA customized car canopies. We can offer outstanding car protection features but also personalized canopies. Contact us now if you want to purchase the customized Outdoor Car Storage Tents

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