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Cubic quarantine restaurant room

Cubic quarantine restaurant room

SCA have more options for Cubic quarantine restaurant room:

This type is valid as an indoor restaurant quarantine single room. Looks clean and neat!
  1. Available sizes: 2.5x1.5m, 2.5x2.5m, 3.5x3.5m, 4x4m, which meet your different needs.
  1. 1-2 people: 2.5x1.5m;
  2. 3-4 people: 2.5x2.5m; 
  3. 6-8 people: 3x3m
  4. 10-12people: 4x4m
  5. customized quarantine restaurant room sizes are available
  1. Structure: Aluminum alloy. Light and convenient, simple and very easy to build. Color option: Black, or aluminum silver color , or white color.
  1. Walls and door: Tempered glass
  1. Optional: side windows and top windows to achieve reasonable ventilation, so that the closed and sultry environment will not affect the customer's dining mood.
  1. The design of the surrounding tempered glass allows the dining customers to be both protected and enjoyable. A wide view and a better dining experience to customers.

We must firmly believe that the worst virus is only temporary, and the dawn of victory is ahead. In the near future we will definitely defeat the demon of COVID-19. So please wear a mask when going out, wash hands and disinfect frequently, and protect yourself well is a silent contribution to this battle of all mankind.

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