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Does industry tent really pollute the environment?

Does industry tent really pollute the environment?

Traditional fixed and non-opening engineering buildings are indeed filled with yellow sand during construction, but this will not only harm the air index, but also make the surrounding passers-by or the surrounding environment feel uncomfortable.

Industry tent has low cost and long time. Generally, it can be used by the company quickly, but the environment pollutes the natural environment. Whether it is an industry tent or a wedding banquet outdoor festival tent, all the initial processing will be stopped in the processing plant of the outdoor festival tent consumer, and it does not harm the natural environment.
Industry tent
When installing, it is only necessary to transport the original materials of the structure and tarpaulin to the area that needs to be built, and immediately assemble it according to the module composition. During this period of time, a small amount of industrial waste is always formed, and environmental pollution to the natural environment can be neglected.

The industry tent has a modular structure to ensure its high efficiency and flexibility. It can not only be quickly disassembled and assembled, but also can be used repeatedly, and it can be adjusted anytime and anywhere according to the details of the customer.

The span range is 3 to 50m, and the length can be increased by 3 or 5m infinitely. In the whole process of installation and construction, a filter installation will be installed at the top of the shed cloth during installation to immediately filter the dust formed by the construction, which not only makes the construction staff feel comfortable, but also makes the customer feel personal experience, so the industry Tent is not easy to pollute the environment.

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