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How to take care of outdoor wedding tent?

How to take care of outdoor wedding tent?

          In recent years, the application of outdoor wedding tent in various fields is slowly increasing, but we can find that few people can do the tent care as perfect as possible. If the care process is not correct, it will also cause damage to the outdoor wedding tent, especially the cleaning of the tent. Many users will have all kinds of dirt on the tarpaulin after using the tent. So, how to remove these dirts? How to make the tent care perfect?
outdoor wedding tent
           1. Under normal circumstances, if the volume of the tarpaulin is small and the cleaning standard is limited, the tarpaulin can be dispersed such as mopping the floor at home. Use a rag and water bucket, add an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid to clean it, and pay special attention to air-drying after cleaning.

           2. If the total number is large, we can purchase detergents used in large and medium-sized areas, such as large shopping malls or medical institutions, can rotate the floor on the tarpaulin, and configure professional cleaning fluids to easily remove dirt and cleanliness. .

           3. If the total inventory tarpaulin is very large, and there are many tarpaulins with long-term cleaning, it is recommended to buy professional cleaning equipment, which can not only improve efficiency, but also speed up the application frequency of tarpaulin and save a lot of time

           The above is about how to make the outdoor wedding tent care perfect. In addition to the above measures, you can also clean the tarpaulin according to your specific situation, but the bottom of the tarpaulin is best covered with auxiliary items, preferably carpet. In the whole cleaning process, otherwise the tarpaulin will be left with traces of gravel on the road surface or be damaged due to the pressure. On the other hand, cleaning tarpaulins is like washing sheets. After washing, it should be dried after being washed or naturally dried before folding storage, otherwise there may be cases of mold growth.

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