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The choice of different warehouse tents depends on the size and fabric

The choice of different warehouse tents depends on the size and fabric

  It is hard to imagine that there are more than 1,000 warehouse tents in the UK market alone. Participating in the outdoor camping exhibition will make you even more surprised. There are many kinds of warehouse tents, including ridge warehouse tent, dome warehouse tent, aisle warehouse tent and frame warehouse tent. Some designs are different, some are different materials, and others are the most popular colors and the most advanced technical features. For camping, the choice of warehouse tent is very important. Here, we will list some basic questions. Before you decide to choose the perfect warehouse tent, you need to find your own answers.

 The size of the warehouse tent usually depends on the number of people who need to sleep in the warehouse tent. This sounds like the difference between two beds and ten beds, but it is not the case, so it takes a little effort to choose a warehouse tent. Remember, your warehouse tent is not only for sleeping, but also for other spaces. Over the years, we have found that four warehouse tents with beds are suitable for two adults, while larger warehouse tents are suitable for families with children. When two children have their own beds, they look happier.

  The size of the warehouse tent will also affect its weight. Some large warehouse tents are heavy, whether you are backpacking, driving, or using a trailer, to make sure you don’t worry, when you carry or drag a warehouse tent, you have to buy it. Of course, you also need to consider the size of the warehouse tent packaging. Some large warehouse tents are also very large and need to take up the space of one or more travel bags. The most important aspect of size is the height of the space. The height of the small warehouse tent does not allow people to stand, but if you can stand up after getting up in the morning, even if it is just to put on your pants, it is a great pleasure. If necessary, set the warehouse tent of your choice and check its height.

  Not all warehouse tents have two layers of fabric. Some very light warehouse tents are single-layered, as are some large warehouse tents. "For family campers, all ordinary warehouse tents have two layers inside and outside. You can judge by checking the gap between the two layers. The gap between the two layers can hold your fist better. Don't buy a warehouse tent to contact the inner and outer layers because That will miss the cotton layer. Many small warehouse tents are first placed on the inner layer and then covered with a waterproof roof.

 The big warehouse tent is to set the outer layer first, and then install some inner layers inside to separate the internal space. Today, most warehouse tents have moisture-proof cloth. In a small warehouse tent, the moisture-proof cloth will cover the entire bottom, and each compartment in the big warehouse tent will have its own moisture-proof cloth. Check the strength of the moisture-proof cloth, the edge of the moisture-proof cloth in a good warehouse tent will stand up, so that the entire bottom of the warehouse tent is waterproof.

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