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The correct way to set up a warehouse tent

The correct way to set up a warehouse tent

        Camping is an outdoor lifestyle. It is mainly set up temporarily in the field for tourism, vacation, military needs and other purposes. The choice of camp should not be in low-lying areas, or on uneven holes or vents on the ground. It is best to have a cement camp or a plank camp.

   When setting up the warehouse tent, please pay attention to the warehouse tent should be well ventilated, that is, the doors and windows should not be closed tightly, and the internal and external accounts should not be connected together, which will also cause poor ventilation. If the ventilation is not good, it is easy to produce a condensation effect, that is, due to the hot air that people breathe, it will condense in the warehouse tent. In severe cases, it will condense in the warehouse tent, then fill with water droplets, and then drip to the ground, causing Internal humidity.

  In the case of large temperature difference between day and night or large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, condensation effect will also occur, or high temperature and rain (like driving or wearing glasses are more prone to fog in winter), so special attention should be paid to the ventilation effect. The internal account and the external account must be completely separated, and the external account must be pulled up, aligned, and straightened so that the drainage is not good when it rains, and the moisture permeability is poor. When building the account, try to nail up all the camping ropes connected with the original factory, and put up a more perfect warehouse tent.

     After all, warehouse tent is not made of reinforced concrete. If there is rain or a humid climate, some anti-tide condensation effects are inevitable. Please experience the subtleties of nature and enjoy the breath of the earth. Generally, warehouse tents are designed both internally and externally. The double accounting method is unlikely to cause dew to penetrate into the second layer of cloth and fall on the account. Outdoors are more humid than cities. When you sleep in a resting place close to the ground, moisture will penetrate into all items in your account, such as clothes and sleeping bags.

When the humidity of the environment is equal to the humidity outside, when people enter the warehouse tent, the temperature inside the warehouse tent will rise, and there is a significant temperature difference between the account of the warehouse tent and the outside. The temperature released by the human body causes the humidity to evaporate and rise under the condition of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the warehouse tent, and reach the top of the warehouse tent, causing condensation into water droplets. This is like driving a car on a rainy day, the windows tend to condense and fog; or when you wear a raincoat on a rainy day, there will be moisture in the raincoat, and the condensed water molecules will stick to the skin. Since people's experience is to regulate body temperature and volatile body temperature, if the current air does not flow, condensation will occur.

   Therefore, the main reason for this phenomenon is humidity and temperature, coupled with the volatile moisture of the human body, causing this phenomenon. The way to solve and improve this phenomenon is to maintain ventilation, open doors and windows to allow air to flow, and set up warehouse tents in the ventilated areas to maintain air flow and maintain moisture balance.

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