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The new warehouse tent is in hand, what should we do first?

The new warehouse tent is in hand, what should we do first?

I always met a friend like this. After a new warehouse tent, he became happy and eager to go out to play with his beloved warehouse tent. However, during the use process, it was discovered that the warehouse tent was leaking and there were two fewer ground nails. The result could only be Resentment, how can we avoid this situation? Do we need to know how to deal with warehouse tents?

   One, check carefully

   After buying a warehouse tent, only careful inspection can avoid unnecessary trouble in the future use. The most important places to check are as follows.

   1. Check whether the warehouse tent is damaged or lost. Sometimes due to negligence in production, it is easy to cause lack of hanging buckles, dislocation of sewing, inadequate stitching of excuses, etc. It is necessary to start after careful inspection, feedback problems to the enterprise in time, and find solutions.

   2. Check whether the warehouse tent accessories are lost or damaged. Before the introduction, the general accessories of the warehouse tent include grinding nails, windproof ropes, and some also have air cushions, air pumps and other accessories. Go back and check whether there is any loss on the account book, and then whether the accessories are intact.

   3. Performance test. After the new warehouse tent is retrieved, it is best to set up a careful test. Simple tests can be carried out, such as whether the warehouse tent has good waterproof performance and whether there is a guarantee of sturdiness, etc.

   2. Identify true and false

Some friends will think this behavior is redundant, but in this counterfeit and shoddy society, we also have to prevent it. If it is a few hundred yuan, the warehouse tent check is not important, if you buy a few thousand or even a few Ten thousand high-end warehouse tents, then it is necessary to find out the truth and lies. On the one hand, to prevent the purchase of fakes, on the other hand, high-end warehouse tents are basically used under special circumstances. The quality of warehouse tents is very important. Sometimes the use of fake warehouse tents and inferior warehouse tents is even life-threatening. As for how to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood, it can be identified according to the official published method. Or, if you have conditions, you can go to the testing agency for identification.

 3. Remove the smell of warehouse tent

   Many new warehouse tents are accompanied by some "odors" due to the materials and coatings used. Although people will not be very harmful after inhaling, they have a great impact on comfort. How to remove these odors? In fact, the method is very simple. You only need to put the warehouse tent in a ventilated place for about a day, and there is basically no smell. In addition, you can also put some incense bags, activated carbon, etc., which can effectively alleviate the peculiar smell in the warehouse tent.

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