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Wedding Tent Rental Cost Guide

Wedding Tent Rental Cost Guide

Are you planning to rent tents for your outside wedding but have no idea how much the rental cost and what size you should rent? In this post, you will get the answer that you want to know about the rent tents. Also, you also know the other additional cost that relates to the tents.

Three Unique Wedding Tents Types

Generally speaking, a rental tent costs anywhere between $.65 and $1.40 per square foot of space or more. However, some wedding tents are special, the tent rental and design also relatively vary to other tents.

Also, if you over-focus on the cost of the tent, you may make a bad decision on the tent, as a result, the outside tents are not suited for your wedding. Here are three outstanding types of outdoor wedding tents. Note: Due to the market floating, the following rental price only can be used for reference.

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents provide the most beautiful view to guests and hosts. It not only allows natural light to shine in but also positively glows when lit for evening gatherings.

It adds additional aesthetic elements to the wedding, with its special, light, semi-translucent material. Therefore, the rental cost of sailcloth tents would be relatively high. The bedrock price of a 20x37 sailcloth tent is about $775.

Pole Tents

As its name implies, the tent is supported by poles. Stretched by ropes, the pole tents stay firm with help of corner poles and a center pole. These are white tents commonly used for wedding receptions. If you think the PVC poles of the tent are out of your wedding design, you could decorate them with flowers, lace, or vines.

Frame Tents

A frame tent is one of the most classic style structure marquees around the world. Compared with pole tents, they don’t need to be supported by center pole. Therefore, the frame tents offer more internal space for the wedding arrangement.

The aluminum frame ensures the tent has high stability. The strong structure of the aluminum frame tent lets the tent can be used for not only weddings but also for outdoor exhibition halls and conferences.

Furthermore, the most outstanding feature of frame tents is their versatility. It could be placed on multiple surfaces, including grass, concrete, or deck. The rental cost of a frame tent is about $300.00 for 15x15.

Cost of Various Sizes of Wedding Tent For Ceremony

In this part, I will list the average cost of different sizes of wedding tents, regardless of the types of wedding tents. I hope it would give you a reference for your ceremony or wedding.
Tent Size # of Table(8ft. or 60'' Round) # of People Price
40x80 32 256-320 $1,000.00-$1,300,00
40x60 24 216-240 $820.00-$920.00
30x60 18 162-180 $620.00-$720.00
40x40 16 144-160 $580.00-$680.00
20x40 8 64-80 $260.00-$360.00
20x30 6 54-60 $210.00-$310.00
20x20 4 32-40 $185.00-$285.00
15x15 2 16-20 $160.00-$260.00

The tent rental costs could be $1040 for size of 40x80 which equals 3200 square feet and accommodate up to 320 people.  This size of the tent is a great large outdoor wedding tent. In the smallest size of a 15x15 square feet tent, you could receive up to 20 guests. The 15x15 square feet tent is a relatively good option for holding a single booth or a small family party.

Should I Buy or Rent Our Wedding Tents?

Someone may think this is my first and only one wedding. Should I buy wedding rents to memorize this special event and prepare for family events in the future? Whether you decide to buy the tent or not, you need to clearly know how often you will be using it, and what your budget is. If your family often holds outdoor family parties, or social activities, buying a suitable tent may be a good idea.

How Much Does a Wedding Tent Rental Costs?

The whole rental cost depends on the number of your guest you plan to invite. Therefore, you could make a rough calculation for the tent rental cost, according to the starting price I gave. For an instance, a 150 person wedding needs a 40x40 tent. The estimated cost of tent rental is $580.00 plus the other costs of wedding tent materials.

Other Wedding Tent Materials Add Up to the Rental Costs:

When we determine to rent tents for our ceremony, we also need extra wedding tent material to create a romantic and comfortable ceremony environment for guests. The rental tents could bring a series of following other rental costs for other materials:

Cost to Rent Reception Tables

Reception tables are a glimpse of your whole wedding style and the decoration of your venue. The round tables are the common options for most weddings. Square and rectangular tables both are a trend.

In America, the average starting price of wedding reception tables is $8 per table. If you want to get the accurate number of the table to avoid unnecessary waste, you need to make a seating arrangement before you rent the reception tables.

Cost to Rent Wedding Chairs

In the US, the average starting price for wedding chair rentals is $2 per chair. To rental standard folding chairs is a less expensive option. However, you need to put some effort to decorate them to fit your wedding style.

Cost to a Wedding Altar

A wedding altar brings a sense of sacred and sense of ceremony to your wedding, especially it gets the delicate decoration. Combing with arches, the wedding altar would make your wedding fabulous.

Cost to Rent Flooring

Depending on the materials of flooring, the starting price of the flooring can run anywhere between $1-$3.50 per square foot. The flooring could ensure the grass or the muddy water would not dirt the guest’s clothes.

Cost to Tent Heater

The starting rental cost of a tent heater is $125+/each or more. You may need to rent several heaters for your large size tent.


Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. To hold a perfect and excellent wedding, a organized and reasonable plan is necessary. The gorgeous outdoor wedding tents could create the best stage for your wedding. Therefore, we also need to carefully choose the type of tents, while you need to make an affordable renting plan.

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