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What are the differences between a mobile tent and a warehouse tent?

What are the differences between a mobile tent and a warehouse tent?

   warehouse tent has the three characteristics of temporary, flexibility and mobility. Customers can build and dismantle at any time, which is convenient and simple to build. After being demolished, warehouse tents can be built in other places at any time, and the space utilization rate is very suitable for companies and companies where they need to change.

  This kind of tarpaulin is made of PVC material and used for large-scale exhibitions and events. Small business promotion activities only need ordinary advertising warehouse tent to end their mission.

   The tent is fast and can guarantee its functions (wind resistance up to 80kmh, PVC tarpaulin fire rating up to B1). Therefore, the tent can be said to be a choice for outdoor activities and sales. In people's age, it is widely used and more favored by activists.

   tents can be used for temporary activities such as industrial warehousing, logistics and distribution, various outdoor exhibitions, sports activities, sightseeing and leisure, commercial gatherings, celebrations, commercial promotion, military and disaster relief.

The overall structure of    tent has been professionally tested. Compared with the general warehouse tent, the tent has a large structural area and a large span, mainly the frame structure of the tent itself. Whether it is sand, concrete, lawn, etc., it can be firmly installed on it.

One of the significant differences between a tent and a warehouse tent is the size of the warehouse tent. This is obvious, that is, the difference in the middle lies in the structure profile. If a large warehouse tent is made according to the camping warehouse tent method, it will not meet the requirements.

   In fact, the entry point of the tent and warehouse tent is the appearance of the warehouse tent. The construction of the warehouse tent is simple, and the fluidity of the warehouse tent can be combined with other buildings to form a complete function. It originated in Europe and is particularly popular in the West, the Middle East, and even Latin America and Africa.

  Warehouse tent is a shed stored on the ground, used to shelter from wind, rain, sunlight and temporary shelter. It is made of canvas and can be removed and transferred with the stand anytime and anywhere. The warehouse tent is carried by components and can be assembled only after arriving at the site, so various components and tools are required. As long as they understand each component and application method, and understand the structure of the warehouse tent, they can quickly and easily build a warehouse tent.

   The tent can be moved in the environment and is widely used in various activities, disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation, and beautiful. Warehouse tent is usually light and suitable for outdoor construction, camping practice, temporary clubs and military command posts, emergency rescue, camping, leisure, tourism, etc., while tents are mainly used for large-scale outdoor exhibitions, commercial promotion and other temporary activities.

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