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What factors generally need to be considered in the design of festival tent?

What factors generally need to be considered in the design of festival tent?

       Festival tents are generally made of nylon, cotton canvas and polyester, and the support rods can also be made of aluminum alloy or composite materials. It is important to note that some festival tents are made of various materials, which will affect the price and performance of the festival tent.

       In terms of doors and windows, festival tent ventilation is very important, so it is necessary to carefully observe the festival tent doors and windows. Some doors act as windbreaks, and some act as roofs, giving you an extra shelter, which is an ideal place to cook. Check the zipper on the door. A good festival tent usually has two zippers, so you can pull from the top or bottom.
festival tent
  Some festival tents have porches so that the space in front can be fully utilized. In addition, the windows of the festival tent should be transparent and ventilated, and covered with mosquito nets, so that even if you open the windows to sleep, you will not be bitten by mosquitoes. On a warm night, you will definitely open the doors and windows to sleep, then make sure that there are mosquito nets on the doors and windows.

   If your weight requirements are not so strict, then you can choose some other festival tent, the quality and price are very different. There are many festival tent companies in the market, and the quality and design of different brands will be very different to meet the needs of different customers.

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