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What is the difference between mobile tent and commercial tent?

What is the difference between mobile tent and commercial tent?

Mobile tents generally have several characteristics, such as temporaryity, coordination capabilities, and wireless communication networks. Customers can shape and disassemble at any time. Because the tent is easy to build, it can be built at any place anytime after disassembly. Therefore, the space utilization rate is very suitable for those shops and companies that need to change the site.

Tent tarpaulins are generally made of PVC raw materials for some large-scale exhibitions and theme activities, and small store marketing activities use advertising tents. Because of its high speed, its function can be guaranteed. In addition, the tent room can be said to be an option for handling outdoor activities and trade fairs. Its application in today's public life has become very common, and it is increasingly favored by event providers.

Activity tents can be used for temporary activities, such as industrial production, warehousing and logistics and freight logistics distribution centers, as well as different outdoor exhibitions, international business marketing promotion, defense applications and disaster reduction.

The overall structure of the tent has been technically tested. Compared with commercial tents, tents have the characteristics of large scale and large span. The key is the frame shear wall of the tent itself, whether it's sand, concrete floor, grass and other tents can be firmly molded on it.

The most obvious difference between tents and commercial tents is volume, and their difference depends on the structure of the aluminum profile. If large tents are made by camping tents, it will be difficult to meet the required standards.

Commercial tents are generally iron sheds supported in the soil, basically made of white canvas. It is connected to the supporting frame of the supporting point. It can be removed and moved anytime, anywhere. The tent needs to be carried in the form of components and assembled on site. Therefore, various components and special tools are required. Only by grasping each component and application mode, and the structure of the tent, can it be formed quickly and conveniently.
commercial tents
The tent is free to move and is widely used to hold various events, mainly large-scale outdoor exhibitions, commercial marketing promotion and other temporary events. Demolition is loose, and transportation is convenient. Tents are usually lighter, suitable for outdoor work, camping training, temporary halls and military command posts, such as emergency rescue, camping, entertainment, play, etc.

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